BRAUN Selfie Stick Fun Wireless Black

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For selfies, photography and video filming, suitable for smartphones and action cams. Bluetooth remote control botton an the handle.

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+++ Integrated Bluetooth remote trigger button +++ incl. smartphone mount and action cam adapter +++ made from stainless steel +++ in colors black, pink and light green +++ max monopod length 110 cm +++ max load capacity 500 grams +++ weight 160 grams +++

The previously introduced BRAUN Selfie Stick FUN now comes in a version with remote trigger button. The new BRAUN Selfie Stick FUN wireless features a Bluetooth remote control with a power switch and a charger port for the integrated battery. There’s no need for additional apps for iOS or Android. All you need to do is connect the Selfie Stick FUN wireless to your phone or action camera via Bluetooth. At 5 Volts the charging time is about one hour.

According to Wikipedia, a selfie is a self-portrait typically taken with a smartphone which may be held in the hand. Selfies are most often found on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and usually feature one or more people in the picture or video. With the new handheld monopod Selfie Stick FUN, Braun Photo Technik follows the trend of the growing community of selfie fans.

To increase the distance of photos and videos past the own arm length by more than a meter, the hand monopod BRAUN Selfie Stick Fun wireless is the perfect tool. Through the larger distance, the selfies gain a more attractive angle. That way, more people fit on the picture and the background is captured better. Pictures from a higher angle are easily possible. Still, the photographer stays in the center of the moment.

Made from stainless steel, Braun supplies the 160 gram lightweight Selfie Stick FUN in the colors black, pink and light green. The stick’s range lies between 22 cm up to a maximum of 110 cm, the tube can be adjusted to different lengths for a variety of shot perspectives. The BRAUN Selfie Stick FUN is perfectly suited for smartphones and action cams thanks to the included smartphone mounts and an action cam adapter. Even for action cam market leader Go Pro Ô the new selfie stick is perfectly suited.

The BRAUN Selfie Stick FUN consists of seven segments and is shipped with a smartphone mount, an action cam adapter and a hand loop.


Data sheet

Battery capacity
45 mAh
charging time
1 h
charging voltage
5 V
stainless steel
max. arm's length
100 cm
min. arm's length
22 cm
Load capacity
500 g,
160 g
EAN Code

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