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What´s the maximum size of the memory card or memory stick (USB) I can use?
The Storage Medium should usually not be larger than 32GB.

How many images can my digital picture frame show?
Most digital picture frames can manage a maximum of 999 Images.

How can I adjust the image format of a photo to the frame (landscape or portrait)?
The images must be rotated into the requested display format with the help of external software (Irfanview, Photoshop ...) and stored on the respective medium before playing.

Why doesn't my digital picture frame play videos, even though according to the description, it can?
Make sure that the Video resolution of the recording is not too high. Only Frames with the playback pass 1080p or 720p can play this resolution.

How can I adjust the resolution of my recording to the frame?
If the resolution of the original Video is too high, You should adjust the resolution accordingly via a Conversion Program (e.g. Freemake Video). The minimum resolution for easy playback is 720 x 576p (SD).

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What´s the maximum size of the micro SD card I can use?
The Storage Medium should not be larger than 32GB.

Do the batteries need to be removed when the camera is powered by an AC adapter?
Yes, otherwise an overvoltage can occur.

Why is the recording delayed?
The camera is usually in standby mode to save power. The movement detector recognizes a movement and this signal awakens the camera. The time until the signal from the motion detector is sent to the camera unit is about 1.1 seconds for the 300 models and 0.5 seconds for the 700 models. Since the camera does not have any internal memory, the files must first be created on the memory card. Only then the camera can record. A minimal improvement can be achieved by using a class 10 memory card. It is also essential to mention that the camera was NOT designed as a motion detection camera for fast processes, which are completed almost instantly.

Why does the camera not save my settings?
On the motherboard is a small battery. This battery is responsible for saving the settings. If the voltage of this battery has dropped because it has not been used for a long time, the settings can no longer be saved. This battery is rechargeable and can be charged via the AA batteries you insert into the camera. The battery is charged as soon as the camera is in "ON" mode. After about 1-2 days, the button cell should be loaded again and the camera saves the settings. Please make sure to switch from “OFF” to “TEST” and then to “ON”, otherwise the camera will have no power and the battery will not be charged correctly.

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Why doesn’t my camera send any pictures?

1. Is there enough credit on the SIM card?

2. The PIN of the SIM card must be disabled, otherwise the camera will not have access to it. In order to deactivate the PIN, the SIM card must be inserted in a mobile phone and the PIN must be deactivated via its settings.

3. The parameter file is configured via the MMSCONFIG software on a Windows computer. The file may not be renamed when saving and must be saved directly to the root directory of the micro SD memory card. If the file is renamed or moved to a subfolder, the camera can no longer access the parameters.

4. Before the slider is set to "ON", you should wait in the "TEST" mode until a network signal and the SIM provider are shown on the camera display. Only then push the slide from "TEST" to "ON".

5. If SMTP mailing is selected, some email providers will need to enable SMTP / IMAP mailing first. To do this, you must log in to your e-mail account via the web browser and check the settings. Before the first picture will be sent, you may receive an authentication mail, which you must confirm.

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