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• INPUT: 110-240V/50-60Hz or 12V 600mAh

• OUTPUT: 450mA with 4.25V or 8.55V Maximum charging current

• Micro-processor control by advanced IC Charges lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymeric batteries of 3.6V to 7.4V (electronic control)

• Safety control by temperature sensor if a temperature of +40° is exceeded.

• Minus Delta V cut-off function

• Electronic cut-off after full charge

• LED indicators for charging status, trickle charge and full charge.

• Automatic cut-off when polarity is wrong.

• With electronically adjusted AC adapter and car-charging-cable.

Delivery time depends on destination country


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Universal charger BRAUN 1-For-All-MULTI charges virtually all old, present & future 3.6-3.7V/7.2-7.4V Li-ion battery packs, 1-2 3.6V round cells(LIR123A), 1.2V NiMh/NiCd AA/AAA cells, prismatic battery used in camcorders, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 and cell phones by a bonding method.

  • Charging Lithium-ion batteries: Contact plates can be adjusted easily from right side of charger to the – and + contacts of the battery.
  • USB port: Can charge mobile phones, mp3/mp4 players and Apple products like iPhone and iPod with USB mobile Phone charge cable and connectors directly, no need to take the batteries out.
  • Automatically detect the battery voltage, type and their +/- poles, and adjusts to charge Controls fast/trickle charge accurately to ensure the batteries charged swiftly and fully.
  • Battery activation function for deep discharged Li-ion batteries.
  • Over-voltage, short-circuit and over-time protections and defective battery detection.
  • Input: 12V DC 800mA
  • Li-ion charge output rating: 4.2-4.3v 800mA / 8.4-8.6v 600mA NiMh/NiCd output rating: 2*1.4v 800mA max.
  • USB output rating: 5.2v DC 600mA max

Included in Delivery: A 800mA switching power adapter and 12V car cigarette lighter adapter for home and car use are included.


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